Jørgen Lande, Dolly Dimples

Value MiMCoups Virtual Service Brings to a Chain


Dolly Dimples was once the leading retail chain restaurant in Norway however, they have been overtaken by Peppes Pizza in recent years and suffers from declining foot traffic, receding revenue, and stagnant social media traction.


Jørgen the store general manager having been confronted with these complex problems, and no apparent way to solve them began doing marketing promotions through MIMCoups.

MIMCoups designed a promotional campaign designed to help raise in store traffic be brining new and raise customers into the store, as well as drive social media awareness. 

Jørgen's Conclusion

Dolly Dimples location in Drammen clearly befitted from MIMCoups promotions. Based on the data this stores location and the other relevant factors, we believe its fair to extrapolate Dolly Dimples as an organisation could easily experience increased store traffic, higher brand favourability, more social media buzz and potential higher revenue, by using a coordinated strategic plan for their entire enterprise. 


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